I was wondering if any one here has one? Is it really worth $165 for a jacket?
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haha i dunno know. like if i sh*t or fart i know they smell really bad, but I enjoy the smell. Like I'll fart on my hand and then smell my hand. I dont think thats normal though...
My mom really likes that shop. I mean A LOT.

Edit: I say no, any article of clothing above $75 is too much for my taste.
Try $400+ for a decent one!

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the answer is no, unless you feel its neccessary to spend money to look cool

yes because the North Face is very cool...
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You haven't check out the Eddie Bauer(sp) catalog have you. 165 is nothing for a decent jacket.
those jackets aren't worth it. im not really into that kinda **** but i can tell you that some nice leather or if you're into this stuff a sports jacket/blazer, they look nicer and last longer.
Lifetime warranty means that you probably won't have to buy another jacket for a long time, so yes.
I found an authentic Italian leather jacket at Good Will for $6. No lie. I did a background check on the manufacturer and everything, it's real. There are a few scuffs around the seams but it's hardly noticeable.

So it looks like I win.

Also, I've never heard of North Face.
A good jacket (new) is usually going to cost at least 150, maybe more.. I think that it's a good investment.
If you are buying it to be trendy or whatnot then absolutely not.

If you want to climb Mount Everest - or just want to stay really warm - getting one of the good North Face jackets will pretty much have you set for life.

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I've got like 5 because my bro gets pro-deals on them, and I'd say they're worth it. For snowboarding, they're nice jackets to wear underneath a larger one, or just to wear around. Also check out marmot.
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lespaulrocks39, you sir are awesome.
The North Face are great jackets, and certainly do their job well, but they do tend to be overpriced.