Right now, when i pick up my guitar, i play a couple of things:

Scales, faster and faster.... but its getting boring and its not getting faster anymore...
Random improvisation using scales and pentatonics and random licks
Canon Rock (I can play up to the first big sweep, i can actually play the sweep, but its not extremely clear... I can do it good if I slow down just a little... and a bit pass that actually)
Im Alright by Neil Zaza, still working on it, about half the song done right now

Thats about it... i think... I wanna get better, what should I play?

I dont know how to play many songs... like literally less than 10, or maybe even around 5... I dont feel like looking up tabs and remembering power chords of a song (you know what i mean, those type of songs... i dont usually play)

Im also really bad with ear... I wanna be able to figure out what the key of a song is, but i cant... i sometimes also cant figure out chords by ear
legato runs help strengthens fingers really well.

Maybe you need to work on stamina so you can get faster...but to be honest speed isnt everything.

What about downloading some blues backing tracks, find some scales for it and jam for a while...i do it, i personally think it helps alot. As for motivation, i watch other people play on youtube or Live etc...and what makes me progress i think is time and working gently on songs i like the sound of.

Whats your favourite playing style ?...
Legato runs like what? im not good with terms haha.... like playing a scale with just hammer-on and pull offs? I also do that sometimes

My fav playing style... well as you can see from the songs i listed... distortion guitar solos with nice melodic sounds... i guess?
Learn some Rory Gallagher! I am at the moment, and it's all great for riffage, bluesy and anything melodic. More specifically, this song : (Quality is poor but performance excellent).


Before I heard it I was doing one or two Gallagher-esque licks, after hearing it, my licks have improved dramatically as I play along with the song. Great fun, although you might not be into this kind of stuff, it's always good to learn from styles you normally don't listen to/play.
Well, clearly, they help you lay down a basic progression from intro to verse, chorus, etc. From them you can find things and licks you like and build upon them in your own playing. Also there's the timing aspect of them, if you're learning songs with interesting/odd time signatures, etc.

Plus, if you learn 20-30 famous songs, when a cute chick makes a request, you can blast it out without stammering "uhhh..uh..I have to use the loo right now...".
any other ideas other than songs? so far those songs arent my type >.>
Well this is what I mean, you should learn stuff outside your zone. Learn to play blues ; jazz, watch guitar legends you wouldn't assosciate with normally, like BB King, Joe Pass. Learn from other people. And of course, playing with a group is vitally important. If you don't already, you really should.