Um you mean *cords. Chords are the things you play on a guitar, cords are cables.
I thought you meant chords as in the blending of three or more notes...
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I've got a mogami cable, and I think it delivers a much clearer signal than a "insert budget cable" does.
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This is the funniest thing i've ever read on UG.
lespaulrocks39, you sir are awesome.
so how do they suck? what's ur definition of "sucky" cable?
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I just got a planet waves cable. Lifetime warranty and it seems solid and clean so far.

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I have George Ls.

Awesome cables. Sounds way better than those I've tried. Eric Johnson uses them
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haha i thought you meant like the chords you play, and i was going to say "just practice practice pratice" but now i see
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I use Livewire, they're cheap and have a lifetime warranty. They also sound good. I have oen monster, but the sound quality between the two doesn't differ enough to make the Monster cables worth buying.