I'm thinking about modding a MIM strat to a HSH because I like the feel of a strat and want the HSH versatility. Anyways, I don't know of any good HSH pups except for the Dimarzio Evos with a HS3 in the middle. Can anyone recommend me some good sets? Also can anyone confirm that the standard strat bodies are routed for hsh even if that isn't the stock setup.
^Only way to be sure is to open it up. MIM strats tend to be routed SSS or HSS. Might take some modification. Pups are a personal choice...but I'd put darker sounding buckers with a really bright and chiming single coil. Then, on positions 2 and 4 on your selector, you could use the single coil to brighten either bucker.
I ran a H-S-H config on my Strat using 2 PRS pickups and a DiMarzio Chopper.
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As for the routing, I heard that all standard strat bodies were routed the same to save time and money and that they just stuck the appropriate pickups in. As for the pickups how does the evo2 sound compared to the evo. I hear that it has more headroom for some cleaner stuff, but is there anything else. I don't play metal, so I don't need the ultra heavy tones. I'm looking for something more of a 3 doors down with some clean ring to it, but with the ability to get some good distorted tones.