has anyone had something really bad or just gotten pissed off but it turned out to be really good thing? For example, i got tp'ed my these chavs in my neighborhood cause i didnt buy any candy, but i JUST ran out of toilet paper and i now dont have to go to a store to get rolls because they wasted about 10 on my house.

any experiences?
youre going to wipe your ass with toliet paper thats been on shingles and gutters and trees?
wipe your butt, then leave the toilet paper on their doorstep if you know where they live lol
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My halloween gig got shut down by the ****in cops for no reason, but it gave me more time to study for my physics test...
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My weirdest dream would have to be when I dreamed that I met this chick I really liked and wanted to practice sex, so I practiced on some guy I met at a gas station...that was pretty screwed up.
I asked a girl out and she said she'd rather just be friends since she just got over a bad relationship and we go to different schools so meeting up often would be tough . The next day I go in for a job interview and guess what my new boss is gonna be? A much hotter, single, 20-year old brunette who goes to my college.
I had to move an hour and a half away from my friends and the girl I really freakin like, I go to a school that sucks (apart from the arts programs), ,marching band is taking over the times that I could be spending with friends and loved one, I missed homecoming because I knew no one that was going, and I stayed home for halloween because I don't have anyone to hang with. The good thing is...

....wait, there isn't anything good about it.