amazing song
really beautiful
written for his 4 year old son that fell out of the 53rd story window of a new york condominium
R.I.P. Connor Clapton
I could have sworn I hear than an eon ago.

Still...touching...I guess...

That kinda stuff doesn't really phase me, or make me feel sympathetic.

The story of Brandon Lee, however...
Wiki' him up.

1. he was ****ing four
2. it was years and years ago
3. everyone knows the story
4. your link doens't even work
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written for his 4 year old son that fell out of the 53rd story window of a new york condominium

Maybe he should've called it "tears in the courtroom" instead.
Yeah, truly, we don't give a **** anymore.

May as well start a new thread:

- Hey guys,
Wasn't that guy in Tiannamenn [sic] Square inspirational?
LOL He wuz unblevable [sic].
I heard they take your picture and ban you for life if you play Tears In Heaven at Guitar Center.
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Guitar Center?

Is that an American place that sells guitars, possibly?

Go an find out if that rumour is true...
...I would.
I honestly hate that song. I mean, what happened was sad and I feel sorry for Clapton, but the song is just unbearable. I find the sentimentality completely cloying, and it's a musical betrayal of everything he had done before. I see it as the watershed where Slowhand ceased to produce truly great music.
that kid died like a badass. he doesn't deserve such an incredibly lame song.
That Clatpon fella looks quite good. Wonder if he can play any Dragonforce.
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It's a good song. I love it, but I'm sure this isn't knew to everyone.
You get banned for life from GC if yo ustart playing Stairway to Heaven and Enter Sandman.

BTW: Anyone know where to get one of those "No Stairway to Heaven" Signs?

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