I was looking at bass amps for a friend, and i was noticing how few Tube Bass amps there are. why is it like this. I also noticed that bass amps have significantly larger wattage amps. What would you need (in terms of watts) on a bass amp to compete with a 100w guitar amp?
a hundred watt guitar amp, well bass is a lot less cutting so go 130-280
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a hundred watt guitar amp, well bass is a lot less cutting so go 130-280

ok thanks, we cant crank any of the amps up in the shop where we live, and dont want to get one that cant keep up with our guitar amps
it takes more watts to push the speaker on a bass amp (they have bigger/more speakers than guitar amps) to produce the bass tones and not blow up.
A hundred watt tube amp has 4 tubes in it. How many will a 300 hundred watt have? Economics is the easy answer.
Tube technology is more efficient with the mid range frequencies of guitar than the lower frequencies of bass. Still, there are some great all tube bass amps out there from Orange, Ampeg, and Mesa (to name a few).

As for your question, is that a 100W tube amp or SS?

Eh... either way, if I'm a gigging bass player, I want a minimum of 300W.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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Listen to Jack Bruce on "Disreali Gears." That's the sound of a cranked tube bass amp. Most bassists don't want that farting bass sound, so they went to solid state. No power tubes to distort. Bass frequencies need a lot more energy to produce and project. The longest audible bass wave is 35 feet long. So bass amps need way more power. 300 watt bass heads are now the average for small gigs.