Here is a cover from my new band that I play guitar and sing in doing Stray Cat Strut by The Stray Cats. We've been jamming for about a month now and decided to try and record some stuff today.

I'm really surprised with the quality of it since we just placed a mic the middle of the room to pick up instruments, and then other mics for vocals. The guitar tones a little bland, I think one of my tubes is dead, I could not get sustain at all. Oh well.

Anyways, tell me what you think.

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Nice to see some other jazz people out there. Although the recording is a little raw, you guys sound good. I liked the horns i the background, and your playing was pretty good to. I can't do any detailed comments cause its kinda loud in my house right now, so its hard to pick up some of the instruments, but you guys seem on top of it.
I was snappin' my fingers. Singing was great!

Fantastic work my friend. I've always liked the stray cats.
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Very nice! Everything was awesome, especially the vocals. The recording quality isn't that bad either for the way you did it.
Wow, vocals were great. The cover was just pure gold, probably the best Stray Cats cover i've ever heard.

I checked out your other song too, your band is hot!
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