Hey, I wrote this song about two years ago in an older band and I believe I posted it here. I have changed it quite a bit to fit my new bands sound that I play guitar and sing in. We have been playing together for about a month and decided to record today. Qualities not the best, but its about as good as its going to get for placing a mic in the middle of the room to record instruments and other mics for vocals. I believe one of tubes is worn out since I could not get any sustain.

Anyways, the song is just being re written and is in kind of a demo stage, but please tell me what you think.

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Your one mic method in the middle of the room is better then most UGers recording quality. Didn't sound bad at all. You've got a great voice for this kind of music. I usually can't stand listening to a whole song on here but i made it through yours and caught myself tapping my foot along. Great job.

crit mine if you want.

It's Not Enough
Brilliant stuff. Your voice belies your age... and the recording is more than sufficient. I extend my accolades to you and your group.
lovin this stuff, great job!
really good, you obviously know your genre of music well.

crit my jam song 'Nadia' [click on my name for my profile] if you like to return favour. It is funky with jazz/blues.

Thank you for the comments. I really appreciate them.

Yeah, the subject matter is a bit immature, but I was a lot younger when the lyrics were written and they have just stuck.

Anyways, thanks again.