Is this good for sheilding a guitar?


I was gonna get some, but its 10 bucks a roll, and i have 6 guitars. I wanna do the back of the pickguards and inside every cavity.

Any home-made solutions that work well? Someone told me tin foil, but I figured I'd ask UG first.
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The stuff you're looking at is great, but expensive. A FULL shielding job is usually best used on guitars intended for very high gain usage, or guitars with standard, non-hum-reducing single coils.
i used copper tape from stew mac. but aluminum foil + adhesive works just fine. u just gotta make sure u solder every connection. here's what it would look like (in case the guitar nuts pics are bad quality):

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Foil duct tape from home depot will work just fine. It DOES NOT have to be copper, despite what people seem to think. The paint is good stuff, but it's expensive and you have to let it dry for 24 hours in between coats.