Hey guys, my guitar teacher has the Vox Tonelab SE and brought it in this week. It sounded amazing even on the little 10 watt amps we use in the lesson room. I have a fender hot rod deluxe 40 watt tube amp and i think this thing is like $600. Do you think its worth getting? Right now, I have no effects pedals becuase i was using a few lent to me. This may sound weird, but I almost feel like my playing isnt good enough yet for me to go out and buy such an expensive item, but i dont know. Anybody have any experience with this item or have ever felt the same way?
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I just bought a used ToneLab tabletop for $125. It's awesome. But $600 for the SE seems too expensive.
I'm not familiar w/ the SE, but the Tonelab LE is a pretty cool item. I personally prefer just getting my own sound out of my tube amps, but as modeling gear goes, the LE is very good. I've heard extensive demos of what it can do, but didn't get to actually play it. I think it's around $399.00 US, so it may be a better way to go. I'd definitely recommend trying it out first, so you'll be happy with the investment.
Good luck!
Edit: I have not played a HRD amp, so I don't know what your tone is like, or what type of tones you're after. I hear the HRD is supposedly a pretty decent amp, but you may also want to consider selling the HRD & using the extra money to upgrade to a really nice amp.
You'll find that when you turn up to gig volume, just about all modelers don't quite get the feel of a cranked tube amp.
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