who created the first guitar pedal?

what type of effect did the pedal give?

and who the hell thought of an idea that you can even make a guitar pedal to change amp sounds?
probobaly distortion or delay.

I know les paul created one of the first reverbs or delays or something.
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Have you tried Wikipedia? I think this is a job for a search engine, or the very least not The Pit.

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Before distortion pedels, bands used to crank small amps to get that distorted sound, since they couldn't play small amps for big gigs, they wanted something to emulate that sound...

and then there was distortion, and it was good..
it was a fuzz pedal out of a mom and pop surf and guitar shop... thats all i know
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it was a fuzz pedal out of a mom and pop surf and guitar shop... thats all i know

fuzz sound right, or even a plain old volume booster
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