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Well, I'll be getting a new amp soon (either a Palomino 15W or 30W), and I've been also thinking about getting a new guitar. Currently, I use a Ibanez GRX20 and frankly, I want a new guitar with a better feel (NO damn rough fret edges, cutting me up), better sound (pickups are okay, but hey, I have a MG), and I don't want it to be THAT expensive. I've narrowed it down to either an Ibanez Iceman 400 (guitar I've wanted since I started), or either an Epiphone Limited Edition Silverburst Les Paul (just aweshum).

I've heard good things about both, managed to try the Iceman a bit and have handled a few Les Pauls, though not the Silverburst. I play mainly blues, metal, and rock. I'm open to suggestions and my budget is around $600.
lp. i don't have anything against ibanez (i play one myself) but les pauls are just pure awesomeness. even if its an epi instead of a real gibson.
Ever played a schecter damien 6? ...dude great value! As for an amp the valveking might do (its kind of a hard choice with that budget, but the king sounds pretty good).
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I say the Les Paul, but ya check out the Warbeast or the WMD Warbeast dude best guitar ever (...aside from the better guitars)
That's some handsome meat.
i personally think you should stick Ibanez man, there just plain awesome, Ibanez SZ320EX or the Ibanex XTP700, there pretty awesome, but i still love my Ibanez Artcore AFS78T-MG over any other Ibanez
Since the Iceman's the one you want, the Iceman's the one you gotta get!

Plus, the build quality and bang-for-buck factor of Ibanez is much higher than most Epis anyway, and the stock pickups are also much better.

^Or alternatively, have a look at the Fernandes Ravelle which I reckon is ideal for you - almost like a cross between the two! Plus it's a truly brilliant guitar for the price, and the Sustainer pickup is about the most fun you can have with your clothes on....
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