Hey guys, quick question. I'm looking over the Agile AL-3000s and the 3100s. My question is, what is the difference? The only difference I see is that extra 100 on there and an extra 4 cents.
The only difference between the guitars is the neck inlay material. The 3000 has abalone inlays while the 3100 models have mother of pearl inlays.
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in sexiness look...

abalone > MOP

abalone's nice shine is so beautiful man...that's what made me fall in love with ESP LTD Deluxe guitars....the abalone binding is just so hot.
in fact, this LTD EC-1000 im savin for has abalone body, neck, headstock binding and a S-TB
flame top...omg.

I want the Agile Black Reaper Chancery....omg....$600 for an own machine....besides the LFR....put an OFR in that bitch and it's all you need for metal.
I'm in a twist between that or the LTD.
my problem is i want a fixed bridge, not a floating....unless its a wilkinson type one.
If you won't want a floyd, but want it fixed. You don't need to drop an OFR in it, just block the LFR, will do the same thing.