Short or Tall
Fat or Skinny

Which do you prefer? Why?
and what is your opinion on the difference in tonality?
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i think it is spelled frets.... but yeah i like the medium frets that are short and close to the fretboard.. gives me better action and control for slides.... but then again its personal preference!
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i only came here coz i was wondering what freats were!

Also, it is "which" not "witch"
I had my LP refretted with 6100, which is damn big fretwire. It's great for bends and vibrato, and very sensitive to finger pressure, which is probably why it's not stock on any guitars.
i wonder who changed the title of the thread

i like larger frets personally, smaller frets just dont give the same feel for vibrato and bends IMO.
i like tall, but skinny ones... not a fan of real fat ones... i don't like skinny ones poking out either tho.
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i wonder who changed the title of the thread


anyways I started the thread because I was thinking about changing the frets on my guitar.

I have a 2001 Jackson usa KV2
the frets are super tall and super skinny.
changing them would give it a different feel, but would it change the tone?

would changing the frets brighten or defuse pinched harmonics?
or do anything at all to the sound?

Did I spel anythig rong, ya grammer nazis?
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