A while back I posted on the boards that I was interested in getting a starter acoustic, just something to play around with a bit. I asked my mom what she thought of acoustics. Then never thought much more about it. Tonight, on halloween no less, I get an early christmas present:

Its a silvertone, came with steel strings, a tuner, gig bag, chord chart and some pics. Even an extra set of strings. Nothing high end, but something to get my fingers working even more
Quote by burn the stars
nice, hows the tone? the action?

The action seems to be pretty good, about that of my ML X, nothing to bad. The tone, I like. It seams full, if that makes sense. Getting around on this guitar is going to take a bit to get used to since I am used to electrics. I like it. Its not a gibson or anything, but it should do its task for me