I've been playing electric for a few years and I want to get an acoustic-electric. I am looking for something under $300 with a cut-out that sounds good both plugged and unplugged. I've heard that buying an acoustic and putting in a pickup works good but I don't want to do that. I want to buy a guitar and have it ready to go. I was just looking for some suggestions on models to try out so any information you have would be greatly appreciated.

Ovations sound great plugged in, but I'm not that crazy abou the necks. That's kind of a personal thing though--it might strike you differently. Give them a try.
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he said hes after something under $300 and ur saying ovations sound great?

acoustic/semi acoustics are really hard to tell u becus some people go sperficial and buy the best guitar out there. i'd say look at what u can get tonal wise, u may find something whihc is as cheap as chips but sound awesome, or at least the sound your after.

going for semi acoustics with cuts will limit your range, but i found myself a maton em325c and its kickass. i think i got it around $1200AUS with a case
ive got an ovation celebrity, sounds pretty good plugged and unplugged. it was around 300.
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yeah the good ones are out of your price range.

And the reason that it is often said around here that adding a pickup works well is because it does.
Your not going tog et a decent Acoustic-Electric from a manufacturer for $300.
Cheapest I would go for an A-E is the Alvarez AD60SC

its about $100 above your limit, you would probably be able to get it a little cheaper.
Theres also a takamine for a similar price which is good.

But under $300 your going to get a **** guitar (quite possibly without a solid top thats gunna be crap quality) and a crap pickup. So therefore no good unplugged, and a **** guitar with a good pickup isnt going to sound good plugged in, so a **** guitar with a **** pickup...where does that leave you. And speaking from experience, a crap guitar is not something you want, you will regret it...

Sorry but thats the truth of it. You can get a decent setup if you buy separately though.

Jimtaka around anywhere? He usually has a decent view on these things, i know i don't know of any A-E's that i would recommend for under 300 but he may, or at least he may have soemthign else useful to say
Guitar Player did a review of 10 A/E's under $300. Check it out here. I would save a little more or buy used, myself.
Thanks for all your opinions. I would love to be able to afford a great guitar but I'm a college student and don't have a lot of disposable income. I'm planning on getting something around $300 and I know it won't be the best but I just want something that is a good buy for the price. But anyways, thanks for the input and if anyone has anything else to add, feel free.

the elites sound crazy good. too me, though, they all make me feel like a fat man playin' though, with that constant need to keep rollin' all up on me as I play hahaha...

they're great, ovation's kick ass. I'd give ten thousand more jams on 'em to get my old accoustic fixed, though... anytime.

older acoustics rule, and we all know it. but that's not leaving me for 300 no matter how long it sits hahaha...
enjoy your rewarding search, however.
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he said hes after something under $300 and ur saying ovations sound great?

My first guitar was an Ovation. Ran me about 300, including the case.

Their high end stuff goes really high, but you can get into a reasonable Ovation for under $300, even if it's new. Go used and you get a marginally better deal.
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I've got Epiphone PR5E (paid around $300). I'm not exactly in the know-how about pick ups or anything- so maybe that's why I'm not complaining, but I'd say this is a pretty decent guitar. For a first, anyway.
For under $300 some fenders sound pretty good, but you should save up more money.

I really like the Ibanez Exotic series Zebrawood guitar. If I remember correctly, it was only $400 at guitarcenter. It really is worth the money

But I've also heard good things about the Epiphone hummingbird (i'm pretty sure it's about $300).
You should also have a look second hand. You might be able to pick up something decent second hand for your price.

And in that list posted, the guitarplayer list of 10 acoustic electric guitars, only two of them have solid tops, the Fender and the Greg Bennet