I'm looking for an MP3 playback program for my PC that has exacting controls. Specifically, I want to be able to slow down the playback, or even stop it altogether, without altering the tonal quality of the piece. This will allow me to accurately pick out and document the individual notes of fast guitar passages.
i think you will easily look for it with Google. Though it may take some efforts to find free one
&? music creek
Sony's ACID. A great program in so many ways.

It's mostly a loop-based multi track song editor. But it allows you to "beat map"
any media file (like mp3). When you do that, you can speed it up or slow it down
as much as you like and it won't change pitch.

Additionally you can "chop up" or loop any small piece of an mp3. That's handy
for practicing certain sections.

You can also zoom in on the wave forms and see exactly where a note is falling on
the beat.

Very handy program.