I'm trying to create a 4 page booklet (double sided, folded down to A5). What size workspace do I need to work with since I'm allowing bleeding and I need to place trim marks where necessary. Where should I put guides on the workspace? Thank you
I'm pretty sure you can choose A5 as a page size. Right now the best I can recommend is make four of them, and then put them together in one document so you have the length you need.
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Just use photoshop, make all 4 pages seperatly, then cut and paste them together. Print one copy at the end, and then adjust for bleeding etc. for the rest.
The thing is I dont really know how to adjust for bleed and all that, and I don't even know how and where to place trim marks on an A5 workspace...
im not sure if photoshop supports bleeding borders (i would check but ive got no printer installed and cant pick print/page setup in photoshop), you might wanna use Adobe InDesign, its designed for making publications