Hey guys, just lookin over my options for my next set of purchases. I'll be buying a new guitar and a new amp, along with a pedal. I play blues/jazz/alternative/classic rock, and a little bit of metal (not a priority). This is what I'm looking at so far.

Knob Replacements
Pup covers (Not sure if this works)

Any suggestions? comments? Does this look about right?

PS: budget, as shown by the gear is around 700 dollars US.
Your guitar and amp choices are pretty informed - it looks like you've got a fairly good idea what you need already. Even so I'd suggest gong down to your local guitar store and playing some different instruments - it's not a great idea to order a guitar on the web without having played it somewhere first....

The DS-1 is a seriously poor choice though, you need a tubescreamer-type pedal for the kind of stuff you're after. If you're on a fairly tight budget try something like the Marshall Bluesbreaker or Behringer (gulp) Vintage Tube Overdrive. On a budget of over $120ish there's loads to choose from, though the RI Ibanez TS-808 and the Boss Blues Driver are good starting points.

And the replacement knobs are very cool, but what the hell are you thinking with white plastic pickup covers???? That's about the strangest and most ugly idea I've ever heard...
Hence the "Not sure if this works", but i figure for the price, why not try? maybe the whole flat white/blue will have an interesting look when its all said and done.

Would the bluesbreaker do classic rock well?
I'm not too sure on this but I would guess the pickup covers are meant for open coil pickups. They might fit over the cover on the Agile's humbuckers but I wouldn't put money on it. You should email them about that question.
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if your going to buy the agile, get the agile with the maple cap, its a little extra though.
Quote by pENTAcUBE
.......Would the bluesbreaker do classic rock well?

I find the Bluesbreaker does that vintage Marshall sound to a tee. Some people says it muddies up your sound, but not if you use it right. IMO its more vintage sounding than the Boss Blues Driver which is a bit too "metallic" for my tastes.