Hello Everybody

OK...so I have searched through this place and not found a solution that effectively resolves my situation.

My main guitar is a stock 97 fender jazzmaster...I love everything about the guitar, except for the noise i get when its introduced to my effects.

I basically run a dunlop CBFH wah, DOD envelope, Boss OC2 octave, Boss TR2 tremolo, all direct, and then an EH chorus, EH phasor, Boss Phaser, Line 6 Rotary, Boss DD3 through the loop channel of my Tech 21 2x12 amp.

I have tried a few noise gates, and they severely rape my tone down to flat ****...so unless one out there is spectacular, i want to avoid them. And yes, I have a use for all of these effects.

The only thing I can really think of changing so far is my pedal board structure/design...but before i go spending money on new wires n such...I wanna know from experience, Does crossing power wires from pedal to pedal cause amplified interference (IE, bundling power wires together to keep them tidy and out of the way)? Also how much of an effect doest the length of your instrument cable have on the amount of noise produced (including the wires that run from the effect loop send/recieve channel)?

Thank you for any advice. let me know if further details would help.

Do you have each pedal powered by a different supply? If so, then try and get a multi pedal power supply. That should lower your noise a bit.
Looping cables creates an electromagnet. Yes, it'll add some noise, which is why you should always use the shortest/minimum for the situation.

Also, are you on one power supply, or one for each pedal? one might not be regulated and whatnot.

Try and find which one or two pedals is causing the noise. My hnch would be one of the EHX pedals, they'v ebeen known to have a few noise problems.
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Each pedal ads a little noise. And you have quite a list of them. For your cables they have the ones for connecting pedals, arent really cables just double ended jacks. Some pedals work better before the preamp than others. The chorus, tremolo, rotary, and any delays are good on a effects loop. But wah, octave, phaser, and envelope should be in line between the guitar and amp input. And yea the shortest cables you can get away with will work better.