So we're doing the song 'west coast blues' by wes montgomery for my Jazz Combo, and I'm supposed to solo over some chord changes I'm realy not used to. If anyone could give me some help as to how you might approach building a solo over these chords, especially over all the two-fives in the mid part of the prog.

Here is the prog. played thru twice:

|Bb7| |Ab7| |Bb7| |Bm7, E7|
|Eb7| |Ebm7, Ab7| |Dm7, G7| |Dbm7, Gb7|
|Cm7, F7| |Cm7, F7| |Bbmaj7, Db7| |Gbmaj7, B7|

Any tips or pointers would be awesome!!
Obviously, get comfortable with soloing over any ii-V. After that, you can work on the specifics of connecting them.

If you have time to prepare (which you do!) one approach is to look at the changes between ii-V's, and see where some nice lines form just from the change. I tend to start by looking at guide tones: the third and the seventh of each chord. However, you can (and should) ultimately look at all the notes of the arpeggios, and maybe even extensions.

Let's take an example, say... |Ebm7, Ab7| |Dm7, G7|
Soloing over each ii-V shouldn't be too much of a problem, and these are just ii-Vs a half step apart. But what might be some good ways to connect them? Guide tone time!

The guide tones for Ab7 are C (third) and Gb (7th). The guide tones for Dm7 are F (third) and C (seventh).

Hmm. Well, C is common to both chords, which is a good and not so good thing. On the one hand, it's a safe note, but on the other, if you just stick with C, you won't sound as much like you're following the changes. However, Gb to F presents you with a wonderful opportunity to change from one chord to the next using a half step, sounding just like you're following the changes.

If we expand this to all chord tones, we have Ab C Eb Gb for Ab7, and D F A C for Dm7. Besides the Gb to F change, we also have the potential for an Eb to D change, and Ab to A natural change. You therefore have all kinds of opportunities to guide your lines, just by using the chord tones.

If you continue using this method on other changes, I'm sure you can come up with good ideas for navigating through the changes.
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