Well, let me explain.

As of late, My friends and I have started playing a 'game' during lunch time at school. It is affectionately known as 'The Dizzy Game'. The point is you spin around in circles and get as dizzy as possible. From then, you do various things. The most fun are;

Getting dizzy and kicking a football

A group of around 10 people standing in a circle and getting dizzy, then all running in trying to get the ball in the middle. This usually results in the people who are not getting dizzy barging in and knocking the dizzy people over.

There are many other things too. It is always hilarious for those not getting dizzy, and indeed for those who are.

Does anyone else enjoy crap like this?

Anyone have other ideas of stuff to do while dizzy?

Lastly, are there any longterm negative effects from getting dizzy? I had eaten some yogurt beforehand and I felt quite unwell, but that is to be expected.

lol... smokin weed?, drinkin alcohol?

EDIT: at least it lasts longer ;D.. and doesnt look that stupid :P
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Getting drunk and spinning around a broom or bat is more fun.
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Needless to say, I lol'ed.

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It is incredible fun.

I'm sure teachers probably stare at what we are doing. Oh well.
get a stick/broom/bat. hold it straight up, look at the end of it. spin around count to ten. throw it, try to jump over it. good cheap fun for a few minutes.
Well that game sounds like fun, but we have a game called "Knotty".

We have to wear ties now, and the game is to yank whoever is closest to you's tie as hard as you can, resulting in a tight small-ass knot that is almost impossible to undo. Hilarity ensues.

Also we have two new ones where, because we wear long socks we have to sneak up behind people, pull their socks down and slap them on the legs. And we also sit on chairs opposite each other about 5 metres apart, and throw sultana/raisins/apples at each other.

Annnnd, there is the game of bottle footy and lid frisbee. All these games sound like they could use a little dizziness to help add to the lulz factor.
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Change 'getting dizzy' to 'getting drunk', and you've got yourself a decent game...

We do it at lunchtime at school.

Getting drunk is not an option.
lol me and too other frends had a rolling across the soccer field competition. it was log-rolling across a whole soccer field and see who got to the end first. lol one of them actually got there, another rolled off onto the curb, and i just stopped halfway cuz everything was spinning around. another time we were spinning in circles and one of my frends spun for 10 minutes non-stop and he felt rly sick and he skipped science afterwards and was in the nurse's for the whole period lol
and yesterday there was spaghetti for lunch and there were peas which i hate. so i put about 10 of them on a fork and launched it at the next table and when they looked up there was like a volley of peas coming down at them and it hit them and they got so pissed lol
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