mmmkay, so i bought a Dean ML body off ebay for like 100 bucks AU.
about a week later, i bought a Jackson replacement neck for it, with a locking nut and some crappy tuners to go along with it.
just been doing a little research. turns out that the neck i bought is for a 25.5" scale guitar, but the Dean body i have takes around a 24.75" neck or something around that. the neck i have is longer than the one needed.
what i wanna know is, if the scale length is longer than whats needed, how will this affect the guitar? examples, will intonation be affected, will it stay in tune correctly, will it HOLD tuning right etc.
any information will help out.
thanks in advance
Your intonation will be screwed. The guitar will work properly, but your intonation will be totally screwed.
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The intonation will be way off if you fit the neck jackson where the Dean neck was supposed to be. You will need to make the scale length of the guitar be 25.5" if you wish to use that neck. I suppose you could move the bridge of the guitar back, but then you would have to refinish to cover up where the bridge used to be.
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