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The user njc69 stole my tab of The Hives - Tick Tick Boom ( and submitted it here.

I submitted my tab of it just now (because he has changed to his name in the "Transcribed By:" fields) so I would be glad if you removed his tab.

This is where I originally submitted my tab:

So by comparing dates I hope you are able to see that I'm right.

Thank You/
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unfortunetly you see this happening quite often with tabs..
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I've put that tab under your credits.
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This is happening to me as well. people are just uploading my powertabs into guitar pro files and passing it off as their own. Not much you can do about it though.
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isn't it good that it gets put up in all formats then?
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Quote by big duck
isn't it good that it gets put up in all formats then?

yes but the original tabber should still get credit.

even if it's just in the "originally transcribed by" part.
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PM me these tabs. I'll try to do something.

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