When i was young this guy was my hero then i grew out of him. I still think he was crazy in blink182 but his new music is nowhere. Does anyone think the new "mature" music he does is actually any good? to me it seems his idea of growing up as a writer is making his songs slower and refering to fire and the weather a lot.
This isn't a dig at the guy personally i just think he's good at writing teens music not trying to save the world.
I totally aggee. His new music is good in a musical sense but I don't like it much at all. Tom was a badass in blink-182. Remember the **** they used to say at shows? Now he has had like some spiritual awakening that made him change.
Shhhhtuff happens.
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yeah tom was awesome until he thought he was Bono. +44 is way better than AVA


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