When i was young this guy was my hero then i grew out of him. I still think he was crazy in blink182 but his new music is nowhere. Does anyone think the new "mature" music he does is actually any good? to me it seems his idea of growing up as a writer is making his songs slower and refering to fire and the weather a lot.
This isn't a dig at the guy personally i just think he's good at writing teens music not trying to save the world.
personally i agree he somehow thought mature music meant he had to do U2 kinda rock music which is what angels and airwaves is but for that genre its very boring and average. For me he became really arrogant; as soon as he said angels and airwaves were going to be the best band in the world i knew it was gonna be crap.

To me +44 kick the ass of angels and airwaves you can clearly hear thats it is more mature sound (if you listen to the whole album) and its a sound thats developed a lot since blink 182 im sure some ppl think mark is trying to continue writing all blink182 type songs but hes not!
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Tom Delonge is a talentless bastard who is a product of the radio and record companies telling you what you like. He's a male Brittney Spears. None of his songs were ever good, the radio just played them so many times you got used to them, and it is this kind of complacencey that is killing the recording biz. So follow me, rip out your stereo's from your car, destroy them! Hit them with bats! Then we will all drive in silence! Wait...... that won't work... foock...... alright listen to Tom Delonge till I come up with a better plan!
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