so i dont post here much but i decided to dig around to see what i could find on recording since ive been doing a bit of it more and more lately

im not sure if more than one song in a thread is against the rules but i thought id post 3 songs i did in the past 2 weeks.

first off ive been playing guitar for about 4 years, im not as good as id like to be but everyone learns differently i geuss
i record with my BOSS ME-33 multiple effects pedal through basic output thru the line in on my pentium II piece of **** dell
i use sonar and tts1 with midi tracks exported from guitarpro files, credit and thanks to those who made them in the frist place if course

all tracks, even left and right are recorded seperatly
oh and for these the tuning is C# F# B E G# C#

first is avenged sevenfolds second heartbeat
always loved this song for the harmony
(this ones drop B)

Orion by metallica
i went harmonic in the end, sounds cool but isnt the best improv...

and of course master of puppets haha
learned the solo in the same night so i just winged it
and cheated with a harmonizer (i have a 21 fret strat)

most solos are improvised on the spot with not much more thought than wanking on the pentatonic scale except for the ones that are the originals obviously, im not one for learning riffs completely note by note nor am i the cleanest player or greatest at improv but whatever, im learning

most of all id like to know how to get it as loud as i can without having the bass take over like these recordings are bad for... i tried using the vintage channel plugin and it helped a bit but not completly
but sometimes with guitar pro doesn't seem too realistic.... are there any other good programs for backing tracks?
Orion- THe intro should of been a cleaner sound instead it has like a grunge sound to it. The main riff is kind of sloppy. The tone after the interlude could be improved. Basically the overall sound of the recording could of been better.

Master of Puppets- You did a good job with the intro, main riff, and chorus. The interlude could be slowed a bit and the effects used need some tweaking. First solo was pretty good.

Pretty good job!! Just need to get a better record qaulity out of your covers.