so yeah, i've been playing guitar for 3 years now, and i've found that i havent improved much in the last year....

i started really well, gradually learning plenty of chords, scales, theory and songs

i've played pretty much every day since i started except for some odd days where i couldnt.

now i just dont like anything i write, i get bored of things i like, i always feel like i'm playing the same things and anything beyond that i dont seem to feel anything for. i've spent most of the last year getting better equipment and trying to improve my sound etc, but i think my playing has slowed down...

any suggestions for breaking out of this phase or similar experiences?
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Out of my head I'd say do some drugs.

But if we're talking about getting things done while sober, I'll have to ponder some more...
Perhaps your lack of inspiration comes from your genre of music? Maybe try something different - for example - if you've concentrated your effort on metal for the last three years, try learning some acoustic blues. I can't be certain, but maybe some new challenges will help.
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I'm exactly the same. Same feeling and have been playing same ammount of time. Whatever I do I can't snap out of it.
Get someone to jam with. Nothing helps you feel like your guitar parts matter more than playing them with someone else. Or maybe write out a whole song. Get on guitar pro or something and just start adding an instrument at a time until you have a complete score.

If you want to get better at the guitar, find a song you like but you can't popssibly play. Learn to play it.
Listen to and play more styles
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Why does this question keep popping up from people who have been playing
around 2-3 years?

New gear (throwing money at the the problem) is at best a superficial and tempoary

Listening to new music to get inspired? Ultimately I don't think that's a real solution

I think the only real, permanent, lasting solution is constantly improving your ability --
making your actuality match your perfect vision of yourself playing guitar.

What happens at about 2,3,4... years of playing -- the wall -- is the dawning of the
fact that crappy practice habits have taken you to the limit of your natural ability.
You don't get much further on unless you change them. Either you do and get
better, or don't and end up playing the same stuff over and over (most likely
quitting will be in your future).

Think about it. What are your weaknesses? Probably a lot. What are the things
you still need to learn and improve with music and guitar? Definitely a lot. So why
aren't you doing any of a million things things to improve?
Cheesy, but
Quote by Newton Faulkner
Take a break from all I know
Just sit back and let it flow.
Then I find I've broken through.
To the light again.
To the light again.

Take a break, think about your practice, and when you find you pick up your guitar and want to start playing, put your new ideas into action.