my band ive been with for almost 5 months now is a deathcore band and we are doing alright, got 5 songs down and recording next week.

but my problem is i originally was brought into this band as a bassist and vocalist.

and i havent spoken one word in any song yet.

and thats getting to me now, because i wanna be heard and i write all the lyrics and zack our vocalist gets all the ******* glory.

hmm should i just quit and go into another band llike i have so many times before?
i play guitar(7+ years)
ive played bass(2+ years)
and i do vocals for any screams in general because im good at it.

watch our video on our myspace http://www.myspace.com/underneathtemptation1

do i have a keeper this time?

help me out UG'ersssssss.
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You should put the band before personal pride. Like my bassist; he's really technical and can do stuff all over the place, but it ruins the feel of the music. So he sucks it up and slows down in order to make the song sound right.

Unless your vocalist is doing a really bad job and you think you'd be better, or you really have a personal attachment to the lyrics and you HAVE to sing them, just let it go. But make sure that your name is mentioned when someone asks about who wrote the lyrics.
well if your vocals would make the song better

than you just have to start singing and screaming

but if it would change the music for the worse

you might be best off joining a new band
yeah really, making music shouldn't be about having glory. its about making music you enjoy. thats what is ruining the music business. so unless you don't like the music, stay in there. don't leave because your not the center of attention.
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So...you arent the vocalist and you're complaining that he gets all the vocal glory?

I think you should quit so the rest don't have to deal with your arrogance
Be a "co-vocalist" it works for many bands. Just work out a few parts for you to sing/scream and some for him. But remember, being in a band should be about your love of music and what you're doing with it, not glory and fame. A skilled bassist (and especially a multi-instrumentalist like you are) is a great asset to any band. So don't feel bad. A good example of a band that has a frontman/vocalist and a bassist/vocalist is Hope Die Last (myspace.com/hopesdielast).
sorry but what i heard on your myspace, sounds really awful.

maybe talk to him.

PS: funny pics in your comments xD
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