hey UGers..

now it seems that most of you guys dont particularly like rap
(ive seen the '92% of teenagers have turned to rap, post this if you till listen to real music' thingy)

now what do you guys think of dance music? its created electronically (like rap, hip hop)
but what do yall think of it?

also Evanescence had a lot of electronic drums in some of their songs (like you, lacrimosa from the open door)..what is your guys' take on that?
The Rapture is good..... haven't really heard many others though...
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I'm a huge fan of dance, trance, techno and drum n bass bands, Infected Mushroom being one of my faves
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Drum and Bass
Acid Techno
Acid house
Trip Hop

All of these style of Electronic music are awesome. These are my recent discoveries of great music. Trying to ding some decent rock music around his day and age is impossible. So for the moment. These are what I am getting into.
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i'm starting to like electronic music but i seriously have NO idea what is what..theres so many different subgenres...trance, downtempo, acid, house, triphop, drum and bass, experimental, ambient, electronica, etc, etc
I think what defines a rap song is its lyrical content. The beat and rythms are shared by many genres of music, produced by electronics or not. I'm a fan of dance music, but you can dance to pretty much anything (because most music has a tempo). However, I would much rather have no words than words in dance music, especially if the lyrics revolve around the singers ego or their thoughts on women. When I go out, I don't want to hear anything too over the line, because it implants a bit of savagery, and I simply don't feel the same way as the songwriter. In short, I would probably not get along with 75% of rappers. I'm a fan of some hip hop (Deltron) because it has a good beat to dance to and the lyrical content isn't offensive and it doesn't assume that the listener buys expensive things, treats women like objects and has no respect for anyone but themselves.
I love a good rave. Trance, DnB, Techno, Electronica, and Dance are all good. I just hate those bloody "helium"voice things that seem to be on every dance track. And cascada... ugh, just dont get me started. Chavviest music ever.
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