this is my 3rd song ive written, any comments would be helpful

Ice water running through their veins,
One last gasp as their time runs out.
Gone as quickly as it came,
Already stalking a new soul.

Dropped from the heavens,
This is not God's work,
Destruction, destruction,
Is all that remains.

Whole countries obliterated,
The reason is unknown.
There is no place to take cover,
Death will rear its ugly head.

God save us (from the pain)
God save us (bring me home)
God save us (from the pain)
God save us (bring me home)

Death spreads through the air,
Spare your last breaths child,
It will be over soon.
It will be over soon.

Dropped from the heavens,
(Close your eyes and pray)
This is not God's work,
(There is no turning back)
Destruction, Destruction,
(Destroy us all)
Is all that remains,
(Destroy us all)

GOD (he cannot hear you)
SAVE (it will be over soon)
US (bless our souls)
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I like it, personally. Although some parts don't seem to flow like a poem would, it doesn't matter as long as it works well with the music, and I reckon that with a few good powerchords and a nice dose of distortion this will sound great.
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