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Intro To CAGED Theory

CAGED theory basically includes chord forms that you can *move*. This
includes bar chords and other movable forms.

First, let's put open position in perspective by relating it to other
positions. Open position chords and patterns only *seem* easier than
patterns in other parts of the fretboard, for a number of reasons. One is
that those other parts of the fretboard represent for you the Great Unknown.
And we know how scary and intimidating that can be.

Intro to CAGED
Let's move out of open position into moveable chord forms. We're going to
create the moveable chord forms using the CAGED system.

Make the C major chord in open position. You know, good 'ol C major. It
looks like this:

|-1-- Finger 1
|-0-- (Open, no finger)
|-2-- Finger 2
|-3-- Finger 3

Now, slide your fingers up, holding the same exact shape, so your first
finger is on the fifth fret. You'll have this:

--5----| Finger 1
--0----| (Open, no finger)
--6----| Finger 2
--7----| Finger 3

Go ahead and play that. It's a real chord, and sounds kind of Bluesey.
Ok so look at the notes you're hitting: E, G, G#, and B. These are the notes
for the E major chord, plus, a G note from the open G string. Let's get rid
of that G note so we can have a regular E major chord.

Before we get rid of the G, first notice the fingers you're using. Look at
the previous tab. Now, play the same exact notes, but with these fingers:

--5----| Finger 2
--0----| (Open, no finger)
--6----| Finger 3
--7----| Finger 4

Feels kind of funky, working in that pinky, doesn't it? Don't worry, funky
is good, even if it's not the hippest word around anymore.

You're almost done forming the E major chord. Add one more finger, like

--5----| Finger 2
--4----| Finger 1
--6----| Finger 3
--7----| Finger 4

Play this. How does it sound? Are all the notes ringing clearly? If not, you
might need to get your thumb further down, so each finger can hit its note
without blocking the other notes. Remember, the awkwardness will pass.

Although the actual chord you just played is an E major, the moveable chord
*form* is one we can call CAGED form 1 or the C Caged form. We call it the C
CAGED shape or form, because we used the open position C major chord to
create it. All we did to make the movable shape from the open position one
was to change the fingering a bit, and add one more finger.

You can move this shape *anywhere* on the fretboard to get a major chord.
It's pretty nifty. Move the shape so your first finger lies on the second
fret. That's a D major chord. Move the shape so your first finger sits on
the seventh fret. That's G major. All these chords are from one movable
shape. And, that moveable shape comes from an open position, immovable one:
C major.

Another Example:
We're going to use an open position D minor to form F# minor.

First, let's start with what we want: the F# minor:

--7----| Finger 4
--6----| Finger 2
--7----| Finger 3
-------| (Mute)
--5----| Finger 1

Now, how the heck does this come from an open position D minor form? Let's
see. Make this shape in open position

--3----| Finger 4
--2----| Finger 2
--3----| Finger 3

This is an open position D minor chord. So, the movable shape we make from
it, by adding the F note and taking away the open A...

--3----| Finger 4
--2----| Finger 2
--3----| Finger 3

...is called the D CAGED form.

Just move this form up to form the F#minor
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