Hey, I was just messing around on the guitar and out came this little number... it's quite simple really with just some acoustics and bass, and a bit of drums here and there...

Tell me what you think and feel free to add me on myspace if you want:


Simple Thing Called Love

Thanks in advance for any crit, I really appreciate it
I really like it, strong verses. Great rhythm

If there was one thing I would say I personally would work on is the chorus, but its not bad by any stretch.

Keep up the good work and good music!

EDIT: Life Is Simple is sooooo good. Putting it on my mp3 as we speak.
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I like the song a whole lot. I wouldn't change the chorus at all; it's got a good personality. Your voice is very good too.
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A marvellous piece: reminiscent at times of The Beatles (to me), the guitar-voice combination evokes sympathetic response in the listener. May I inquire as to whether you used a flatpick or fingers?
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simple game of love? i like the chord progression. the vocals were really good on this one. i like the tamborines. i thought chorus was fabulous on this. great writing. this is very "folk" sounding to me. good job!

crit mien? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=11331470#post11331470

I don't mean to be a dick, but an acoustic guitar does not automatically equal folk. It is not folk sounding. It is great sounding, but not folk.
"There but for fortune go you or I"- Phil Ochs
Hey, I stopped by the thread real quick... Thanks for the replys! I use a flat pick, I can finger pick somewhat but find it comes out a bit bassy... and this was a more upbeat...

As for the simple game thing... I was being sacrastic, it's not simple, and it's got all these downsides but then you releaize it was all worth it ya know?

As for the folk thing, I don't think he was trying to be mean or put down the music at all... I don't know it is folk or not, but I didn't intend it too and I don't mind really either way... I just like the strumming patter and the beat...

I'll get back to your song in the morning when I'm not crazily studing for a test... if i forget don't hesitate to remind me, i get forgetfull haha