I've been looking into buying a new amp for a bit of a while now, and with Christmas coming up, I've decided to take all the cash I can get into getting a new amp.

I know how many people just say "what should I get?" but I already have an idea, and I can give some background information.

I play a lot of rhythm guitar, (mostly acoustic, but i've moved onto electric for a few bands). I play alot of Christian music, since i play in two different church teams, so I'm not really looking for a metal sound. When I CAN play acoustic, I will, so I don't need an overly mellow amp. However, just because I play alot of acoustic doesn't mean thats all that I want to play; i'm still planning on buying an electric amp.

I currently play on a Hartke Piggyback (my little brother's amp) at concerts, and I really am looking for something a bit better quality. I had a chance to play my friend's VOX AC30, but it really isn't quite the tone I'm looking for. It doesn't... "Rock" enough. My friend's Marshall JCM (not sure model number) was pretty good, but it was too expensive. Fender amps were really nice, but I want some more opinions from other people, since I don't personally know a lot of people who play them.

For a price range... I'm willing to spend up to about $1200.

I realize that you aren't me, and that it is hard to find an exact amp I want, but I am just looking for a few ideas. If you have any ideas, please post them, so I can try them out as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for your help,

Look on eBay for a used Marshall JCM800. They're fairly cheap used. If the AC30 doesn't 'rock' enough for you, then I'm not sure a Fender amp would, either. Can you list some bands that have a similar to the sound that you want?
Peavy Windsor - sorted with cash to spare.

You can get it as a stack, but apparently the Windsor cab isn't up to much so better to just get the head and source a cab separately.
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Thanks to the both of you. This feedback really helps. I'll definitly take a look at the JCM800, and I'll try to find a Windsor to try out.

Thanks alot.
Get yourself a Traynor YCV 50 Blue. Very Marshall on the crunch, beautiful cleans, and it's built in Canada! You will absolutely love it, and save some money in the process. Traynor makes great amps.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

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