Well I really want to be able to play guitar similarly to Paul Gilbert, I can already play a few Mr Big songs (Stay Together, Just Take My Heart, Green Tinted Sixties Mind) and some of his solo records (Down To Mexico, Amy Is Amazing, I Like Rock) but what I'd like to know is what I'd need to perfect to become more like him, and tips on getting there. Links to vids would help too :-) thanks :-)
Basically, work on your super-fast alternative picking. He doesn't tend to use much sweeping, so you should be fine there.
you would probably need to pracatice string skipping a lot and i always had trouble when he combines legato and picking when playing fast
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Just google, "Paul Gilbert Techniques, warmups" And other such things. I've come across a few sites that shows how he practiced.

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*String Skipping (that also incorporates legato)

*Licks that combine legato and alt picking (EG- The first lick in the You Kids solo)

*Full on freny of alt picking

Yeah, check out his instructional vids, he has several, and you can find parts of them on youtube. Also, he used to do a column for Total Guitar magazine, "Paul Gilbert's School of Shred". If you could get your hands on those issuses that would help, and a few of them have videos.

Also, he does some stuff for Guitar Techniques magazine, some of the videos get posted by users on the racer x forums.
Does Paul rest on his bridge with his picking hand ?
I can't see it clearly in the video's.