I've finished defretting my bass. It was my old stag I had as my first bass. Looks sweet! I used a guide on the internet (http://www.geocities.com/charlesarms) that a lot of people seem to use but I used some stuff called 'plastic wood' its like a filler kinda things, it cost me £1.95.

I used an iron to heat up the frets and a flat head screwdriver & some pliers to remove the frets. I sanded the board down and used a tooth pick to clean out the gaps where the frets were. I used the plastic wood to fill in the gaps and sanded them down before adding some 'yacht varnish'...only one coat tho. Took ****in ages to dry but its done!

Whole thing cost me £2.95...cool eh

If any1 is thinking about it go for it! If any1 wants any tips off me just message me!
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nice work man
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sweet man!!, i think i'm gunna try this on my old shine sb-25, i've wanted a fretless for ages i just cba buying for one, great post thanks