Simple question, probably a complicated answer... so many times I'm envisioning in my mind what music I want to create, but it's so hard to actually, well... create it heh.

So what do you what to accomplish musicwise?

Personally, I want to create some mindblowing post-rock and revolutionize the genre (not that it needs it, it's hardly stagnant, but still...). In my mind, the genre has absolutely ENORMOUS potential, and I want to do something amazing with it.
I'm always changing the style that I play.

I just want to be happy with everything, then when it's settled, I'll see what people make of it.
I just wanna become as good as I cna get, then create ****ing heavy music

Thats the least I want lol
write songs which satisfy the way i feel, then for someone years from now to listen to the songs and feel what i was feeling when i wrote them
That's what she said
I just want to be able to keep myself amused and get as good as I can possibly be. Maybe record a few things when I have something original but I have no thoughts of a music career at the mo.
I just want to be able to express whatever's on my mind or in my heart through music.

I want complete control over my sound.

I wanna be able to play some cool-ass sh!t.
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i want to become a better songwriter... and a better guitar player...

theres always room for improvement
I want to be able to lock experiences I have into songs, so that I can return to the emotional state I had whenever I listen to the song, sort of like an emotional picture.

I want to be able to write everything I feel in my head on paper and through a guitar.

I would love for other people to enjoy the music I make, I don't care if I earn money or not, just enough to get by, but playing onstage is the best feeling I have felt in my entire life. Especially when you see people enjoying the music you've written, or connecting with it.

I don't know how far fetched my dreams are, but hey, no one's gonna **** me up for dreaming.
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I want to work on my voice until i am satisfied with my range and tone
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I wanna play it bad, I wanna play it loud, and I know just what I want it to sound like.

It's gonna sound like....
It's gonna sound like...

(point if you knew it without looking it up)
I'm looking for a tab of The Marshall Plan, by Blue Oyster Cult, and of Mario Minor, by Powerglove. If you have one please PM me.
I want to make a living off of music, it's the only thing I'm really in to that I could actually make money for.
I want to write songs that make people feel as good as I feel when I listen to some of the music I like. I want to make a difference.

I would rather change one person's life forever than get famous, rich and never make anything any better for anyone else. After that, I just want to play live, to a full crowd, be it 50 in a club or 50,000 in a stadium.
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i want to make a new genre, one that is somewhat heavy but not your everyday emo crap that you call music, but with meaningful words, and bring back a term that is lost for a while, "melodies",

it also includes some dark lyrics with heavy metal but no screaming, and some songs dissing emo people and their life style

and also something that reminds people of how great jimi hendrix was to me as an influence
I don't want to be able to write music that I can love. I play stuff all the time and I may think "That's cool", or "Oh, that's nice" but very few things that have really had an effect on me. If I can write things like that, and make other people feel it then that would be perfect. Money and fame would be nice, but not essential.
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I just want to play guitar. No "Lets change the world" stuff. I dont even care if no-one hears me play, I'm not bothered about being in a band. All I wanna do is have a guitar in my hand and play something I like the sound of.
I wanna make a proper, consistant album
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Just wanna play music
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i want to hear the music I play on guitar, the EXACT way I play it in my head
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I want to express my feelings through music.
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I want to be happy, make people happy and get money at the same time. That sounds awesome.

I don't know what i want to achieve, because there's no way of telling, i just want to achieve me and a band and a unique sound.
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Essentially, I'll record a ****ty, lo-fi acoustic EP, with fairly bad singing but a thoughtful lyric. I'll distribute it to every 23rd house I pass on the way back, and scatter the rest around the town centre. I will have a cult fanbase and never do anything again.
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