Evening all,

I've been playing guitar for about a year and am looking to upgrade my 15 Watt Orange Crush to something a bit more beefy so I might start gigging with whatever compadres I can find.
On my many merry searches I came across the aforementioned Behringer V-Tone GMX112- for a little over £100.
To be blunt, I'm damn tempted to buy it, because a 60 Watt amp from a reasonably good company (as far as I am aware) for that price seems too good an opportunity to miss.
So the main point of this post is to get advice whether to but it or not.
Secondly, it is a modelling amp, and having never used a modeling amp I was seeking some information on what the differances with a 'normal' amp (something like my Orange Crush). Yes, I've wiki'd it, but some first hand experiences of both are probably going to be alot more useful than a single paragraph.


I would stay with the orange crush personally, I played the behringer vampire, or something like that, and it was okay, but nothing worth buying

by play i mean i tried it out at guitar center

of course the best thing to do would be for YOU to go to guitar center or somewhere and play it, thats your best bet
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