Okay the thing is i live in an apartment and i can rarely play with an amp, so i've been thinking of buying somekind of Line 6 POD and just play through that with headphones.

So is it a good idea? and i don't know wich pod i should get if i'm gonna buy there's 4 kinds of pods ! (im talking about the kidney shaped ones, not the pod live series)

So any recommendations for something else that would work?

and sorry for my english i'm icelandic
well the latest pod is high in price but the display is large which I like

personally I would go with the Pocket pod but it has its limits as its a practice type device and so I suggest the Pod XT over it.

go onto the line6 site and see all the features of them...choose whats right for you.

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and sorry for my english i'm icelandic

haha seems fine to me