I need a new guitar but know nothing at all bout them.
Can sum1 pls suggest something to me if i tell you my skills?...Well i'll tell u wat songs i can play...

I play a lot of metallica:

Nothing else matters, Master of puppets, One, Enter sandman, sad but true, fade to black solos,...

some led zepp:

stairway to heaven, since ive been loving you, whole lotta love...


Big gun, back in black, can't stop rock and roll, satallite blues...

I especially like the sound of guitar in enter sandman, since ive been loving you and the whole ac/dc style of sound.

I'm looking for something cheap (no more than £250) (i kno i wont get sumthing amazing for this amount but still...) i dont want it to sound to like ac/dc (not too raw)

I'm only 13 and have been playing for about a year but dunno if my current guitar is good enough. It's a peavey raptor special. Ive attached a pic of it.

If somebody could please help me with this id be very thankful.


Satch fans?

Joe Satriani ...(group) ...(join it)
Keep saving until you can get a really good guitar. Obviously this one is still good enough, because otherwise you wouldn't have to ask other people if you're good enough to upgrade.
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The amp will tell the tone. You should get a guitar with a humbucker in the bridge and it'll do the rest.
I play a Raptor, and it's still plenty good for what I do. Hell, it sounded better through our P.A. system than our vocalist's Epiphone Les Paul. If you're really into Metallica, though, I would suggest getting a guitar with 22 or 24 frets, and a decent whammy bar setup. Perhaps a cheap Ibanez RG or something?

And my Raptor looks a little different. Has 6 tuning pegs on one side of the head, rather than 3 to a side
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