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Peavey XXL
6 32%
Peavey Windsor AB/Y with PA
10 53%
3 16%
Voters: 19.
I'm in a bit of a tight spot right now. I've found a used Peavey XXL for $450, which is solid-state by the way, so it can do cleans and high-gain. But i've heard a lot of good things about the Windsor, which is all tube, and only has one channel. So should i get the XXL alone or get the Windsor new for $399 and AB/Y it with the PA for cleans? Other suggestions are welcome, thanx.
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bump. i need help on this too. Is the XXL any good for like heavy melodic metal (power metal for example)?

I might purchase an SG soon, and i right now have a jackson..
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Try maybe finding a used XXX Super 40, great for stuff like that, but they used to go for around $900 new, I got mine for $450, so who knows.

The Windsor is a great amp, but it might not have enough gain for a lot of heavier metal. Sure it'll do some older metal (Sabbath type stuff) and maybe some 80's stuff, but for insane thrash and today's metal, you will probably need a pedal.

Hope that helps, good luck.
i don't know if either will really get you what you want. the windsor sounds better, though. and one channel does not mean you have to use a pa or another amp or something different for cleans.

if you can stretch your budget into the $500-$600 level you might be able to find a used peavey xxx. the b-52 at112 might work out for you and is $550 brand new.
I used to have a Peavey XXL 2x12 combo. Very nice amp for being SS. Unbelievably versatile amp. 3 channels, master reverb, master volume, each channel has 3 different voicings, 25/50/100 watt switch on back, effects loop, 3 band EQ. volume, and gain controls on each channel, and the Ultra channel has an active EQ. The Ultra channel has way more gain than anyone could need. I wish I kept that amp as my at home amp instead of selling it. Is that $450 for the head or the combo?
Forget the $399 for the Windsor. I got one 2 weeks ago for $279 new at GC. just went in and asked "what's the best price you can give me on it?" damn near bought 2. It was a great deal.
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The XXL is far superior to both amps. It has 9 channels! it goes from decent cleans, marshall crunch, mesa distortion to all out BRooTAL 5150 METAL. Best SS amp there is and built like a tank. Mine is for sale for $325 + shipping, PM me