I've been listening to a lot of Thursday, glassJAw and Taking Back Sunday recently and I was wondering if anyone has an hints on how to write a good like sensitive song.

A song like Autumn Leaves Revisited by Thursday, Ghost Man On Third by Taking Back Sunday or Ape Dos Mil by glassJAw. You know one of those songs that starts slow and then builds up to like a climax.

So yeah, any ideas/techniques I should study? Song I should learn/analyse etc?

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Use a fairly slow tempo (90 bpm?), play broken chords, emphasise a slow bass groove and have the drummer take up a lot of the upper register.
And if you're going for the slow verse, heavy chorus kind of song I guess thorw in a powerchord riff for the chorus with the bass following the emphasised notes and grooving with the drums the rest of the time.
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