Well i read the tube sticky and i couldnt seem to find this anywere. I am not a tube expert i ussally get my bro to do it sence hes been playing sence b4 i was born. He told me that i needed new tubes for my 5150. ( they were getting a bit dull, nothing to serious) so he brought some a fresh set of tubes for me and he even labed them


but when i was about to put them in, i couldnt figure out which way to put them, 1,2,3,4 (left to right or vice versa) and i didn't wana screw up. I'm really some what of a tube noob, but we all have to learn sometime so dont make fun of me

So i think ill take a little bit of shame and get a real awnser. Please only post if you know, and will help, not some flame or some B.S to get your post count up.

are they all the same tube or is it two power and two pre amp tubes?
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4 power (big) and 6 pre(small). I really am kind of clueless. i should of paid attention when he put some JJ's in there. so now i have to figure it out for tommorow
the power tubes shouldn't matter on what order you have them (the 4 big ones). The preamp tubes(6 small ones) can make a difference in order, but only for sound preferences really. Most people use a balanced tube for a driver, which would be the the closest preamp tube to the powertubes. Are any of the preamp tubes labeled?
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Little ones where the little ones went, big ones where the big ones ment. The one's he labled can probably be put in 1 2 3 4 OR 4 3 2 1. I think.