So when I finally have enough cash to get an Epiphone Dot, I'm considering getting it striped and painted a nice, high-gloss white, and retro-fitting gold hardware.

Any ideas how much this would cost in and around London these days?

(saying this, it will probably end up stock black, but imaging a white dot with gold hardware makes my pants happy)
define profesional tho, like a car painter? or someone who just knows what they're doing, because it all depends ont eh labour, and the cost of the paint
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Thats an awesome idea. But its more fun if u do it urself, b/c then u get to see ur guitar in progress. And ur sure that ur not gonna have some1 break it on accident. I think its just alot more fun, and probably cheaper, to do it yourself.
to re do it myself, including sand paper, primer, spray and the full bit. 25 quid. if you choose a custom finish on most guitars that offer it as an option, about 300. and thats when they are starting from scratch. to have it sanded first (took me 18 hours to get the full thing done by hand to the wood - not including spraying) your talking a lot.

that said, when buying a guitar with it as an option you pay a premium for convenience. to have different coloured stitching on a lamborghini's seats (and theres only 2 of them) is 300 quid.

long story short. its gonna be expensive.
I could do it for around 150 including the paint, primer, labour.
But I live in the North East, BUT...

Dot/335 styled guitars are the biggest pain ever to get right, expecially on the F-holes, as when you pull out the masking, sometime the paint will rip/chip off a little & trying to get it right onto the neck right is a right pain too, those guitars with matching necks only look decent if they're neck matches and the main colour is ebony or cherry.
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