Can someone definite exactly what tension is? Or , how do you know you're giving your arm too much tension etc, and what to do to avoid tension?

For example, sometimes when I try playing a very fast song, at some point my arm hurts, near the shoulder. And when I play up, my right scapula hurts, and I thought it was just the weight, but I might be wrong?

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just wait a min once the tension goes away do it again its just like lifting weights the more you do it the more you can do
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tension is basically the tightening of muscles. if your muscles feel tight then you are tense. if you're tensionless then your muscles will be nice and relaxed..... much like overcooked pasta
if your having tension problems in your right shoulder when your picking or strumming it might benefit you to play in the "classical position" when sitting, for one is allows you easier access around the neck and since its resting on your left thigh instead of your right you dont have to raise your right arm to pick
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