K so i made a thread earlier (which i deleted for the purposes of making this thread) and i was wondering about the Keeley Katana and java boosts. But now i came across some treble boosters that seem kind of similar to the sound i want mainly the germanium pedal from HBE. I really like the sound from the katana and the germaniums but the tone im looking for is in this song:
at 6-7 sec the guitar chords come in and thats exactly what i want. i tried puting the gain all the way down on my tubescreamer and i couldnt get that slightly gainy clean sound. so yea any help will be good
Try out both. Maybe all u need is to crank ur tubes up a bit and get an EQ pedal.
Quote by qotsa1998
Try out both. Maybe all u need is to crank ur tubes up a bit and get an EQ pedal.

yea i agree that trying out both is the best option but im at school right now and all my local guitar shop has are keeley compressors and crybabys and some other random pedals that i dont care about so im just getting the UGer's opinions first before i go back home and try some out at home. Or i might just order online?

edit: btw i forgot to mention that i play through a VK 112 meaning i cant crank it at all us then my ears would explode... 50 watts was a bad idea
^A treble booster isn't really useful unless you can overdrive the amp. I have found that it does work quite well in front of an OD pedal, but you really can't compare that sound to the real thing.
can anyone tell me which pedal the guitarist is using for his rythym?
Sounds to me like power amp OD.

Get an attenuator and blast those tubes with minimal pre-amp overdrive. Sounds like a fender style tube amp as well, so you may not get the same tone w/ a VK.

An attenuator is going to work better than a pedal.
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