Hey guys, at the moment I have a Cort Z custom which is good for everything exept metal (recently been playing a lot of metal) and I'm looking for a guitar that will be good for metal riffs and soloing. Preferably one with floyd rose, humbuckers, and 24frets with easy access to all 24. I'm looking for one thats in the 1000 - 2000 AUS dollar mark so has any1 got any suggestions? Cheers.
metal.... most likely a jackson. BC rich. hell even ibanez...

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Go for an LTD, or ESP if you can afford it.

Schecter make great guitars for hard rock and metal, but most of them don't have a Floyd Rose. The Hellraiser FR is a model that includes one, however.

You could always go Ibanez Prestige, too.
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Hmm i was recomended the hellraiser FR.. I can't really afford ESP lol

Thanks for the help guys, i'll see what i can find.