Hello all! I've been playing acoustic guitar for about a year now.. I would still definitely consider myself a beginner as I am self taught and have learned only a few songs.. but it seems as though GAS has hit and I want an electric. I've been looking around online and talking to friends and they said to drop between 300-600$ on a guitar if I am serious about learning how to play and the Ibanez RG series has caught my eye. Especially the RG 4 which comes in @ ~$450. Could anyone tell me if they have had any experience with the RG series at all? Even info regarding the RG 3 (has no tremolo) or the RG 5 (not sure how it is different from the RG 4 besides cheaper and a reverse headstock) would be very helpful. I'm concerned with the tremolo more or less I guess. I've heard both sides.. that they can go out of tune in relatively short period of time and also that they will hold tune for days at a time (which is fine because I play at least once a day and tune every time). I just don't want to drop big money (for me anyways) on a guitar that will leave me frustrated in having to constantly tune during a playing session.. But I do like the idea of having a tremolo so..

Please give me your thoughts and also if there is another guitar you think may be better in that price range let me hear it! I'm sorry about the post length and am always open to all opinions.
don't go with one that has the "edge 3" or "lo-trs" trem. they're... okay, at best, but you'll notice you won't stay in tune all that well after excessive hot whammy action.
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Joey: yes this is my first electric. My roommate has a couple amps and he's going to lend me one for a while until i get enough scrapped together for one of my own so that's taken care of for the moment. I've been learning the tabs to some Three Days Grace, Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Soil and some other bands if that helps at all with my musical tastes. My acoustic just doesn't seem to feel right playing those heavy riffs haha

Thanks for the input and keep it coming I really appreciate it!