What would it take to add an effects loop to a twin reverb? If I was to take it to a tech, how much should I expect to pay.
hmmm, i was wondering this myself
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If I may ask, do you crank the amp to get overdrive or do you use a pedal instead?
crank it.
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Adding an effects loop for stomp boxes versus for rack stuff is different. On tube amps its not so easy to do and it work good at least according to the books I have. It would go between the pre amp and power amp. Not the best place for stomp boxes. I know my tube amp has a buffered loop with a tube to run it.
I'm not sure how it would be done, or how much it would cost, but if you could manage without it then it might be easier to do that. I'm no amp expert, though, so I wouldn't take what I say as correct. Or even close to it.